Amanda Bynes’ Dui Case Moved To Mental-health Court

Amanda Bynes

At the request of her attorney, Amanda Bynes ‘ drunken driving case will be referred to a mental-health court, a judge decided Tuesday. The troubled actress did not appear in court, but her lawyer argued that Bynes was not capable of understanding the proceedings, according to TMZ , which first reported the news. “The mental health court will examine Bynes and determine her competency to stand trial,” attorney Richard Hutton told E! News .
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Counties may create mental health courts after Michigan House approves legislation

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Mental health system under siege

Gumpf Gardens Inc

O’Brien said the legislation was introduced, in part, due to the success of Kalamazoo County’s mental health court. “Kalamazoo County has created a model court system that should be followed by counties throughout the state that are looking to help offenders with mental illnesses,” said O’Brien. “Guiding offenders away from our prison system creates a positive ripple effect that benefits everyone. We’re saving taxpayer dollars, reducing the strain on our overburdened court system and helping participants become productive, law-abiding members of society.” In June, Judge Paul Bridenstine of Kalamazoo’s 8th District Court testified before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the legislation and success of mental health courts. A recent study by the State Court Administrative Office showed that mental health courts are extremely effective in helping reduce recidivism rates. Under the legislation, a mental health court must provide consistent and close monitoring of all participants, periodic and random drug and alcohol testing, periodic assessment of the participant’s progress, mental health and substance use services, education and vocational opportunities.
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