You Need Guts To Be Happy No Matter What: The Importance Of A Healthy Digestive System For Enhanced Immunity

No surprise then that the human digestive tract is home to 70 percent of the immune system. Simply put, our every-day food can help or harm our mind-body health. Another example that proves the brain-gut connection is when we think of food and the appetite is stimulated. Similarly, a gut in distress can cause stress and mental depression. Nearly every brain-controlling chemical is generated in the gut, including hormones and neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, GABA and nor epinephrine.
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Cleanse your digestive system this holiday season

Just start by following the tips outlined above for better health in the long run. Donat put it off, start caring for your digestive health today. Datuk Dr Muhammad Radzi Abu Hassan is a consultant gastroenterologist of Digestive Health Advisory Board. The author is not associated with and does not endorse any brands or products.
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Your Digestive System

Therefore it is very hard to diagnose with symptoms alone as these are similar in most digestive disorders. Some common digestive disorders are – Heartburn/GERD, Celiac disease, Irritable bowel syndrome. Other less common but more severe in terms of symptoms, prognosis and treatment are IBD which involves Crohn’s disease, Barrett’s esophagus, diverticulosis/diverticulitis, colon polyps. The former category of disorders require, other than medications, a lot of life style modifications which help a lot towards eliminating symptoms and giving relief. This includes eliminatingcertain kinds of products from the diet. For example: GERD – eliminating or decreasing the amount of caffeine in the diet is helpful. Eating small frequent meals, not eating close to bedtime and avoiding alcohol at nightalso helps. Celiac disease -eliminating gluten is the treatment although regular check ups are crucial as well.
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Our ‘gutsy’ digestive system

Food for thought Regardless of which method you choose or how long you do it, a fast or cleanse will give your digestive tract a break while it detoxifies. A water fast will have the best and fastest results, but may not be a good fit for everyone. Even doing a cleanse for part of a day can be beneficial. Karen Appold is a medical writer based in Royersford, PA.
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