Blood Pressure Checks Offered at Heritage Woods of Sterling Affordable Assisted Living

Low Blood Pressure Linked to Death Risk, Study Finds

low blood pressure

The affordable assisted living community is managed by BMA Management, Ltd., the largest provider of assisted living in Illinois. Our focus, says Rod Burkett, President and CEO of BMA Management, is to provide the residents of Heritage Woods of Sterling with the love, compassion and dignity they deserve and the help and assistance they need. Our emphasis is on helping each resident achieve and maintain as much independence as possible for as long as possible. BMA Management is based in Bradley, Illinois. Communities managed by BMA include the Heritage Woods affordable assisted living communities in Belvidere, DeKalb, Dwight, Freeport, Moline, Ottawa and Rockford.
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Blood Pressure Cuffs Could Reduce Heart Damage When Used Before Surgery

Blood Pressure Cuff

They restricted blood flow for five minutes followed by another five minutes of free blood flow and repeated. The researchers then measured the patients’ blood for troponin 1, which is a protein that informs the researchers if there was any heart muscle damage post surgery. Higher levels of this protein would indicate more damage. The data was then compared to 167 people who did not have the blood pressure cuff procedure done on them before surgery. The researchers found that within three days post surgery, the troponin levels for the group of patients who received the remote ischemic conditioning were 17 percent lower in comparison to patients who did not have the procedure.
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But for some people, low blood pressure can be an indicator of an underlying problem. For normal individuals, a blood pressure under 90/60 should prompt a check-up with a doctor to exclude disorders that may cause low blood pressure,” Dr. Abraham said. He added that the blood pressure optimum for patients being treated for high blood pressure is now more narrowly defined: For those on blood pressure medications, there does appear to be a so-called j-shaped curve like that described in the present study.
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